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DJs---Trivia---Karaoke---Lighting---Photo Booths--Photo/Video--Production
We take bookings 2 years in advance or 2 hrs in advance

Stephen T Blatz started his entertainment career at age 15 as a DJ for Bethlehem Skateaway. He soon started his first entertainment business and quickly built up several companies offering more than 300 services, characters, rentals and entertainers. Stephen's LOVE of music began as a child acting, dancing and getting kicked out of class from being a class clown. At 27 Stevie started a landscaping company and has his hands in other business ventures. Devoted to his work 24/7 has made Stevie a recognizable name in the industries he serves. Stefano's Signature Events only employs top notch staff and DJs in 5 states.

We put value on every service as focusing on memories and not price.

Site Under Construction

Upcoming Events

In the Community

COVID 19 has affected our industry and services greatly but through many smart moves and constant hard work and a few money saving opportunities we will push through. Some services or equipment may no longer be available as Summer 2020 progresses. We are making changes to how we operate and have sold many pieces of equipment that just don't make money. Rates will change, in fact some rates may go lower. Rescheduling contracts is crucial and unfortunately refunds for money paid on contracts prior to COVID 19 are still non refundable. We have moved into a much larger warehouse and signed a lease on an office in Bethlehem, PA to better serve clients. While construction and repairs are still happening this summer, we intend on being better than ever efficient as of Fall 2020. 

Fully Insured

5 State and FBI Background Clearances

Screened and Trained Staff

(we don't hire just anyone)

---Clean and Friendly

---Clients choose what attire the DJ or Staff should wear to the event

---Costumed DJs                available

Areas We Serve                 

    Lehigh Valley---Poconos---Williamsport---Wilkes Barre---Hazelton---Central Pennsylvania---Upstate New York

   Reading---Harrisburg---Lancaster---York---Maryland---Baltimore---Washington DC---Delaware---New Jersey

  NYC---Long Island---Staten Island---Connecticut---Atlantic City---Ocean City Maryland

We travel anywhere......Destination Weddings are NO problem 

FREE Consultations

2-4 Planning Meetings

Unlimited Phone/Email


       FREE Advice


Can We see the DJ perform?

   Yes, we showcase at several charity functions per year as well as wedding expos. Our social media pages are also filled up weekly with videos of events. We cannot however allow potential clients to come to private events unless given permission in advance. Potential clients are encouraged to come out to public events and bars/restaurants. 

How do we know you will show up?

   Our many years of experience proves we are trustworthy and we have thousands of events to back it up. Our list of corporate clients and constant networking with business professionals in and out of our industry show we truly care. Our families depend on us to provide for them. 

Would you visit our venue if we want you too?

   Yes, venue walk throughs can happen weeks in advance to ensure you are pleased with our ideas and vision of equipment setup we have in mind. Our sales team also sends out emails and calls to all of your vendors days before your'e event. Our team will even send all vendors copies of your'e timeline. 

Do you come to the rehearsal dinner?

   Normally we do not attend, however we do offer a package to provide music and sound for the rehearsal dinner. You can also have a game show during the dinner. If you just want us to attend, NO problem. Just provide a meal and we will gladly come out and ensure all details will be perfect. Please note we cannot guarantee availability due to another event that night.

Can you make a CD of our music?

   NO, unfortunately we are not licensed to produce or duplicate CDs for personal use. 

Can you provide karaoke for only 1hr at our wedding?

   As long as you hire a DJ who provides karaoke or you pay for an add on, karaoke can be whenever you would like it to be. Usually it is available for the last 2hrs of the event. 

How do you work the dance floor lights, we don't want lasers affecting the photos?

   Our DJs and lighting techs know exactly when to turn on lights and where to aim them. We coordinate placement of cameras so lasers won't affect any footage or blind your guests. 

Our venue doesn't allow smoke, fog, bubbles, confetti, or fire?

   We always check with the venue in advance if we are providing any special FX or pyrotechnics. We will get permission with the fire marshal and insurance agencies first before bringing in special FX. 

Sparkler send offs must be done outdoors. 

Are you ok working with guests who have disabilities or autism?

   We have specific DJs and staff who are trained to handle guests with disabilities or autism. Please ensure you tell us this in advance. 

Do you offer a military, fire, police or EMS discount?

   Yes, it depends on the month and what services you book. We will add a service for FREE but we do not give a discount on pricing. 

Will you help promote our fundraiser or bar if we book you?

   Yes, we list your event on our website and post weekly prior to the event date on social media. We will also pay for flyers and signs at your establishment. 

Do you refrain from taking photos or video at our event if we ask you too?

   Sure thing, our staff take your requests seriously and some clients can't have photos of them drinking end up on social media. Some clients also have strict rules as not taking photos of minors, let us know your feelings and it's no problem. 

Can we see a contract before hiring you?

   Yes, they are available as PDF downloads from this website. We can also revise contracts if needed. 

Do you offer payment plans?

   Yes, we offer select FREE services if you pay in full 1 year in advance. Our company also allows you to make payments as long as you book 6 months in advance. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

   Cash, checks, credit cards through quickbooks invoices, paypal and venmo.

Why do you require payment in full before our event?

   It has become an industry standard to be paid in full weeks and even months in advance. Too many DJs have been burned the night off or even after the event by not being paid for a variety of reasons. We don't want to risk quality over money. Some clients can't even pay the balance the week before and that results in a reduction of services or cancellation. We also don't want client giving cash to drunk uncle mike and oh well, it's no where to be found at 10pm. Too many things have happened in the past and so we learned ways to avoid issues. Plus, you don't want to think of who you owe money too on the biggest day of your life if you are having a wedding. 

How do you get to our event and how do you load equipment into venues?

    Our staff and DJs have GPS on their phones and systems in their vehicles. Our company also asks clients for general directions in advance and we print maps in some cases. Our vehicles are equipped with travel bags, safety kits, tools, tinted windows to avoid break ins, and our drivers are instructed to have an auto rescue company or AAA membership. We move quickly when unloading and loading vehicles so we don't take up parking spots or front entrances too long. We don't start setting up equipment until cases and bags are loaded into the venue first. 

Do you attend expos or conferences?

   Yes our DJs and staff attend 2-4 conferences a year and study music, pop culture and other event studies throughout the month. DJ expo Atlantic City, Photo Booth Expo Las Vegas, Wedding Wire World--Washington DC, Mobile DJ Meetup--Allentown, PA, and Mobile Beat Las Vegas are some of the trade shows we attend. Our production technicians also attend industry standard safety and MC workshops as well as NAMM in California. 

Special Deals

Music Genres

Rap--Hip Hop--Country---40s--50s--60s--70s--80s--90s---2000's--Pop

Top 40---Disney---Nickelodeon--Showtunes---Ballads---Funk--Jazz

Blues---Soul---Motown---Doowop---Barbershop Quartet---Irish


Classical---Instrumentals---Sound FX---EDM---Disco---Gospel

Dubstep--Opera--Italian--National Anthems---International



Booking Our Services

Send us an inquiry form or email with tons of details, budget, contact info etc... so we can keep track of the hundreds of leads we get each year. 

You can view our downloadable PDF contract below. 

Booking us requires a payment in full, retainer or special terms for colleges and corporations and always we require a signed contract filled out by the client. We do this to protect ourselves, equipment and clients/guests. Our company will also issue an invoice through quickbooks so we keep great bookkeeping of the money stuff. haha

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