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Can we see a DJ before we book him or her?

Public events, community events, videos online, photos and events we market our services at or showcase services are the best ways to see a DJ in advance. 

What license should we buy to have you play at our event?

Ascap, sesac, and bmi licenses are paid for by the venue, restaurant, event promoter etc... 

How do we know you will show up?

Signed contract, phone calls, meeting in person, follow them on social media, check their advertisements online and email your professionals a week before your event to ensure everything is smooth. NO retainers or balances may mean NO services.

Should we provide food for our DJ?

It is up to you, however with many hours of hard work and lifting equipment, planning, talking, and dancing, It is the nicest way of showing you appreciate your entertainer. Sit down meals aren't required, but a plate of food, appetizers, or snacks can be a big boost of energy. 

Our DJ at the last party we had didn't play our songs?

Our DJs have the ability to clearly discuss requests in advance, planning forms keep track of everything and our DJ software tracks and time stamps playlists. We also use video footage and eye witnesses to defend us or the client if songs were played or not. 

Will our DJ make a CD of our music?

No, unfortunately it's illegal to give or sell music outside of performance. We are not licensed to make CDs, or share digital media files. 

Do you have backup plans for things that go wrong?

Our company has many plans in place from dealing with fires, medical emergencies, terrorist attacks, threats, weather, backup equipment on site, extra cables and batteries, CPR training, auto flares, backup GPS, wireless hot spots, first aid kits, how to handle fights, intoxicated guests etc... We plan for many things. Trust us to go over plans in advance to ensure what you need to think about. 

How would our DJ go the extra mile?
Our owner is a former Chick Fil A team member and he has taken those principles and applied them to this business. Holding doors open for guests, learning guest names, chatting during cocktail hour about music or pop culture, calming kids down, hair care for bridesmaids, cleaning, repairs, and even providing candles for grandma's birthday surprise. Many things show we care. There are many things behind the scenes our clients never know. 
Our emergency accessory kits
Our emergency kits include a variety of cables, connectors, tape, paper, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, birthday candles, training materials, pens, markers, scissors, tools, sweat rags, water, snacks, hair pins (for bridesmaids), etc....
You never know what you will need. (we have needed these items)
Our DJs are available for performances as on stage DJs for musicians and artists. 
Opening up for local artists, or national acts is NO problem for Stefano and his team. 
Are reviews important?

Some reviews can be important, but don't let that be your entire reason for hiring someone. Many ''fake'' reviews occur and some clients don't bother to include major details on reviews when they leave a bad review. Some instances may be really minor but people can make them a much bigger issue than needed. Video testimonials are a HUGE help to show real reviews. 

Our DJs will perform outside but a backup plan must be thought of in case of rain, wind, snow or lightning
Why don't you have any awards?

Unfortunately most awards are based on popularity or how much money the vendor spends on wedding wire or the knot. Reviews are from many other events and you get those clients to post on the knot.com and after awhile, you get an award. Most awards aren't really that big of a deal.

What If you get sick?

We do our best to contact several potential DJs, vendors or professionals who may be available. Our office staff can also find someone to cover your event. 90% of the time we can find someone for you or refund your entire amount.

What will our DJ wear?
Appearance is crucial to providing a quality presentation for your guests and our brand. Suits, colored vests and ties matching your theme, company shirts, Tuxedos, costumes and company jackets are all used. 
Just tell us what you prefer. 

Payment Methods

Our planning forms online help us keep track of tons of details. You can login to your account and fill out an event timeline, requests, do not play list, event info, etc.... Guests can also get a password to put in their own song requests weeks before your event. 

Safety with cables is important to us

Our venue has a sound ordinance?

No problem, we will carefully adjust the volume to their approval. 

Jan 1st 2019 we will start managing forms, quotes, planning forms, event details and request lists through DJ Intelligence. 

Proudly Using 

Our DJs also have emergency plans in place for school dances. We also work with clients and event staff to handle a crisis or emergency for any dance, festival or show with ease. 

Can we call a former client?

Sorry to say that respecting clients personal information does not always allow us to give phone numbers or emails out. Some clients will allow it but most prefer privacy. 

Introduction Ideas
Can we have a mashup or mix of songs for our first dance?
We want uplighting outside our venue, is that possible and what happens if it rains?

Yes, we have waterproof battery up lights or enclosed plexiglass or acrylic coverings. We use extension cord protectors, gaff tape, runners and outdoor safe power equipment. We use similar equipment used in outdoor holiday light displays. 

Why don't we see you at any bridal shows?

Unfortunately bridal shows are expensive and time consuming. We haven't had much luck in the past and most of our competitors still don't do well at bridal shows. We may only do a few a year just to stay in the eyes of the majority of our clients as well as telling other vendors we still exist. We have many ways to get clients so we don't worry about bridal shows. 

Are you OK doing a same sex wedding?

Absolutely, we even promote it proudly on our home page. Everyone deserves to have fun. We don't put religion, life choices or politics before customers. 

Do you announce our vendors and banquet staff at the end of the night?

Generally YES, being respectful towards all vendors, even if we offer the same services such as we are the DJ at your event but you hired another photo booth company, we still Thank all vendors on behalf of the client or couple. By announcing individual names and a quick 5 second plug for event professionals, this gains us respect by our fellow vendors and makes them feel appreciated.

Stefano's Signature Events is a premiere entertainment brand Owned by entrepreneur Stephen T Blatz. This company is dedicated to DJ, lighting, production, photo/video and event staffing and planning. Our unique experiences and large team of professionals across the East Coast and beyond help to produce amazing events at affordable prices. Trust us to ensure so many details are covered that you haven't even thought of. Our team attends expos, seminars and training sessions throughout the year to continuously learn and improve our services. Never be afraid to ask questions or discuss discounts. 

Lighting Options

Here are plenty of examples of various lights, effects and patterns we offer. These are just a few options since there are hundreds of options available.