A/V, Sound, Lighting

All packages include safety equipment, cable mats, gaff tape, performer riders, planning forms and pop up tent for sound man.

Medium Sound Package

Large Sound Package

4 Speakers for a crowd of up to 300, 1 sub woofer, 2 stage monitor speakers, 6 microphones, music stands, mic stands and music in between acts if needed. Up to 6hrs of performance time

1 technician


Add Ons
Inflatable screen---$75 (small, medium or large)
2 (50'' TVs on Truss)---$150
15 ft lighting truss---$50
Small laser light show---$200
Small colored light show---$100
Stage Par can lighting---$100---$2,000 (varies by event)
Confetti Cannon---$100 1 shot of confetti ($20 each additional shot)

6 speakers for a crowd up to 500 people, 2 sub woofers, 2 stage monitors, 6 microphones, music stands, mic stands, and music in between acts if needed. Up to 8hrs of performance time. 2 technicians. 


Basic Black lighting-----$300
Gobo Projector---$50  (custom gobo $75--$100 each)
Dancing on clouds---$300
Guitar Amp---$75
Drum Kit---$100
Baby Grand Piano---Call for pricing
1 Speaker w/ cables & stand----$150
1 Sub woofer w/cables----$150
Wireless Microphone---$25
Microphone or Music Stand---$10/each
 If it's not here,,,,Call us and we will see what we can do
Larger Sound, A/V and Production Packages Available....Call us

Inflatable Movie Screens

DVD movie NOT provided, Licensing NOT Included. We can help you obtain info and cost.

Small Movie Package

Medium Movie Package

audience size---50--100

All Movie Experiences can be used for movies, graphics, presentations, karaoke, and music videos. We can show sponsor logos, advertisements, and upcoming events prior to the movie starting. Music will be playing for guests to dance 30 mins prior to the start time of the movie, as guests arrive. 

Basic sound system, screen,

basic projector, 1 technician------$250

audience size---100--200

Basic Sound system, projector, screen, 1 technician------$350

Large Movie Package

3D Movie Add On

16x9 Screen     audience size 300--400 people
$1/pair of 3D glasses
(rental only)

Larger Screens Available...Contact us for rates

Upgraded Sound system with 4 speakers and subwoofer, upgraded projector, screen, 2 technicians-------$550


2hr Game Show----$300
(prizes not included)
2hr Corporate Event Game Show---$400
(prizes not included)
Customizable to include company or industry related questions.
1hr Standard Bingo---$150
90 min Bingo w/ Theme of your choice. (subject to availability) Costumed Bingo Caller to match your theme---$200


NO Youtube or Illegal Downloads
Top Quality Sounding Songs
Mic stands, wireless and wired mics, various TV sizes included.
3hr Weeknight Karaoke
(bars, restaurants)----$175
     Book us 12 times in a year and get the 13th+ nights for $150 each
3hr Private Parties---$350
add--$100 for Saturdays after 4pm
Each additional Hour---$100

Our DJs can also sing along with guests, and are fully equipped to play music as just a dance party when singers are not performing. 


Musikfest 2018
3hr Weeknights---$175
(DJ w/ music included)
Bars and Restaurants ONLY
(Book us 12 times in a year and get the 13th+ nights for $150 each)
Name That Tune

2hrs of Name that tune music trivia---$200

add $100 (Fridays and Saturdays after 3pm)

2--6 Tables Included
Talent Shows                                   Fashion Shows

Contact us for rates                                                               Contact us for rates